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Do you have a question regarding a prescription? You can speak with our licensed pharmacist ready for a private consultation. We take time with each individual for the personal touch.


Discover our large selection of over-the-counter medications, baby supplies, generic medications, personal care items, cancer medications, hospital supplies, and more.

Whether by phone, email, or just walking in, you'll receive the answers you need at C & R Pharmacy

Are you concerned that your medicine may do more harm than help?

We specialize in creating medications to treat your condition based on your physician orders. If you need to change a medication from a tablet to a solution, eliminate an ingredient that may cause an allergy or reacts to another prescription, we work hard to find the right solution for you.


We accept most major insurances as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

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You can submit and manage your prescriptions online and pick up your order via our drive through window.


Visit our walk-in informational health clinic - West Liberty 204 N. Detroit Street (West Liberty)

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